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Business Partnerships


Our corporate partners play an integral role in our work in basic needs, education, financial stability, and health, and we’re happy to help you meet your corporate social responsibility goals.

We facilitate on and off-site volunteer projects and regularly engage companies as sponsors of our signature events—all aligned to our shared purpose of driving lasting change.

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Organized labor is a full partner in United Way, as witnessed by the 156 AFL-CIO Community Services liaisons currently serving on the staff of state and local United Ways throughout the country and the 20 Labor Agencies that receive United Way funding. Representatives of unions volunteer in all phases of United Way activities, serve on year-round committees, participate in annual United Way campaigns as part of the campaign leadership structure, and communicate to union members the importance of the campaign and the agencies involved. Union members are involved as volunteers in their communities by working with the many health and human care agencies providing services to the community.

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We believe in comprehensive solutions to combat our region’s most pressing issues. Through our allocations process, local nonprofit agencies can apply for funding to help us reach a common goal of bettering our communities.  Every program funded through United Way is monitored, evaluated and measured for effectiveness. In this way, United Way validates that investments get results and make a difference where it matters most. 

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