Regardless of the method, you can always give where you live! When making your gift, you will be asked to select the geographic region/s for your gift.

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Give a one-time or recurring gift for ongoing community support to the community of your choice!

Make a One-Time Donation:

Use the Donation Buttons below to select your preferred Community Giving Campaign, and make a one-time donation securely online with PayPal or a Credit Card.

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Set up a Recurring or Workplace Donation:

Create a secure account though our SmartPay Portal (©1998-2018 Jack Henry & Associates, Inc.) and track your recurring or workplace donations made through the portal.

Make your recurring or workplace donation though National Bank of Commerce's SmartPay portal:

Once you are in the SmartPay Portal, create an account to allow ongoing access to your donations:

Once logged in, select the button marked MAKE A DONATION.

When setting up your donation, choose the geographic area where you would like your gift used (LOCATION)

Include the name of your organization (EMPLOYER) to include your donation in your workplace campaign totals.

Choose your RECURRING donation options, such as frequency, payment day, start date, # of payments and additional options.

Campaign Forms

NEED FORMS? Use the links below to view and print extra pledge, designation and credit card forms.

HLUW Pledge Form

HLUW Designation Form

HLUW Credit Card Form

Organization Pledge Card (Corporate Gift)

Thank you! Every dollar you give to United Way creates opportunities and inspires hope for a better tomorrow. Your gift to United Way supports the foundation of many communities through the work of local programs that impact people’s lives in a real and meaningful way.