Leadership Giving

Lake Superior Leadership Society

  • Leadership giving is an opportunity for contributors to maximize their gifts’ impact. Contributions at leadership levels ($1,000+) will go a long way toward creating opportunities for a better life for all.

Community Benefits

  • Access to new resources – New dollars from leadership giving donations enhance the ability of United Way to efficiently respond to emerging community needs.
  • Recognition of new community leaders – Leadership donors are recognized as potential community leaders.
  • Increased Community Spirit – Leadership donors have increased pride in the community and desire to participate in community activities.

Donor Benefits

  • Community awareness – A formal leadership giving program incorporates better communication and increases both understanding and awareness of community needs.
  • Positive Image – Leadership donors are perceived as positive role models for their peers helping to increase the level of participation and total dollars raised throughout the community.
  • Personal Satisfaction – As a leadership donor, you are giving back to the community. You are making a difference in the lives of people each and every day.

Annual Giving

The Lake Superior Leadership Society offers its members, as individuals or couples, the following levels of annual giving options:


$10,000 and above


$5,000 - 9,999


$3.500 - 4,999


$2,000 - 3,499


$1,000 - 1,999

Emerging Leader

3 year progression to $1,000

With an annual contribution of $1,000 or more, Lake Superior Leadership Society contributors significantly increase the ability of Head of the Lakes United Way to actively address critical needs in the community of your choice. Your gift is strategically invested in local programs that address the building blocks of a good life including basic needs, supporting children and families, income stability, and emotional opportunities.

Last year, leadership giving continued to be a significant part of United Way’s annual fundraising campaign, representing 33% of the total dollars raised.

Our community’s future rests with leaders like you—people who see the big picture and are willing to share part of themselves with their neighbors. We ask you to accept the challenge, make the commitment, and set a leadership example for others to follow. Thank you for partnering with us!

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