Reasons to Invest in United Way

10 Reasons to Give

1. Local Impact

Donations are raised and invested locally to provide for the needs of citizens in your local community.

2. Efficiency

United Way combines the financial needs of many nonprofit organizations into one effort, eliminating multiple appeals and wasteful duplication.

3. Accountability

United Way ensures that donor dollars are spent wisely through agency reporting and frequent review by volunteers.

4. Accessibility

Through the allocations process, United Way ensures that basic health and human services are available around the greater Duluth area should you, your family, or a fellow community member ever need them.

5. Dependability

United Way partners rely on their allocation from United Way to budget and plan their services for the year. United Way enables agencies to focus on providing services rather than fundraising, thus keeping their overhead costs low.

6. Flexibility

Programs funded by United Way provide an alternative to government services for many of the people who fall between the cracks.

7. Deductibility

All gifts are not only tax deductible, but also keep taxes down by keeping people off welfare, helping the disabled, reducing crime and delinquency, etc.

8. Simplicity

The payroll deduction option available through the workplace makes giving easy and convenient, enabling individuals to make a difference all year long.

9. Diversity

United Way brings local citizens from all walks of life together in the spirit of volunteerism by working to create a more caring and responsive community.

10. Keeping It Local

Your donations change lives and shape our community through programs provided by local community partners.

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