Head of the Lakes United Way Discusses 2017-2018 Campaign, Releases Promotional Video

New campaign asks the question, “What do you fight for?”

Each year United Way asks local communities to invest in themselves. United Way then strategically partners with local non-profit health and human services programs that provide residents with critical necessities like food and safe housing but also support tools for long-term solutions. United Way worldwide promotes partnerships and strategies that are foundational for a good life and strong community: education, financial stability and health.

Keeping United Way’s message fresh can be a challenge. This year’s campaign was designed and created by Creative Arcade. Their videos and materials highlight stories of real people: Krystal who struggled with addiction and job loss; John who was diagnosed with ALS; and Dakota who needed a supportive mentor. You also meet Jerry who is a volunteer driver for friends and neighbors but is clearly so much more. All of these people were helped by your local United Way.

On September 13, 2017, a news conference was held at Essentia Health St. Mary’s Medical Center Auditorium. United Way released Creative Arcade’s “What do you fight for?” video. Along with viewing the video, attendees also heard from HLUW president, Matt Hunter, Bob Brigham, chief operating officer for Essentia Health’s operations in northeastern Minnesota and northwestern Wisconsin, and Jeff Ruprecht, co-owner of Creative Arcade and creator of campaign theme, video, and materials.